Sunday, November 06, 2011

Re-Creating the Egyptian Deities and Demigods!

I've launched a Kickstarter project to re-create my drawings of the Egyptian gods from the original 1980 edition of the classic Dungeons and Dragons book, "Deities and Demigods" - which were destroyed years ago (thrown in a dumpster, they tell me) along with almost every other original piece of art I created during my time at TSR Hobbies. Please take a look, and help me make this happen!

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At 7:42 AM, Blogger Jeff Dee said...

The new drawing of Osiris, god of Nature and the Dead, is up on my DeviantArt page:

Next: the Phoenix!

The funding deadline for this project is fast approaching, so if you know anyone else who would like prints or if you'd like to adjust your funding level to take advantage of the latest reward options, don't delay!

Seven drawings remain (including the Phoenix), and I expect to have them all completed by next weekend. Making the prints, signing, and shipping will take a little time after that, but there is a decent chance that the backers will receive their prints by Christmas. I'll certainly try!

In the next couple of days I'll launch chapter 2 of my effort to re-create my lost TSR artwork. This time around, it'll be the module Q1: Queen of the Demonweb Pits. I'm pleased to announce that Dave "Diesel" LaForce will be launching a Kickstarter project to re-create his own artwork from Q1 at the same time! Huzzah! I'll post links to these projects as they become available. Happy Holidays!


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