Sunday, May 10, 2009

Episode 7: Grab-Bag!

Hey everybody.

My cold slowly lingers. I'm taking a lot of Vitamin C and chicken soup. Mmmm, soup... My dog had his anal glands expressed (eww) by the vet, and is feeling much better now. Work progresses in the Semi-Secret MMO. The thingies I needed to draw are finished, and look great in-game. Today I'll be doing animated tile art for fierce island warriors. I still can't reveal any details, but that time draws nearer. I rescued kids from Little Lamplight from the clutches of the slavers in Fallout 3. God claims remain unsupported by evidence, and faith remains bankrupt as a means of determining truth. I saw Star Trek again last night, and am happy to report that it worked a lot better for me this time around. I still haven't gottten caught up on my TV shows on Hulu. I'm still re-reading the John Carter of Mars books. Captain Carter has determined that he must escape from the Tharks with Princess Dejah Thoris before they deliver her to their brutal and sadistic ruler.

More on these and other exciting developments tomorrow! Stay tuned!

-Jeff Dee


At 2:43 PM, Blogger By The Sword said...

It has been too long since I last visited Barsoom. I think i will go there again... Once I finish the other books that I am reading of course.


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