Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Episode 10

Double digits. Wahoo!

Had to take my car in for an overdue and overly expensive tune-up this morning. It's a red PT Cruiser with flames, and it's my favorite among all the cars I've ever owned, despite intermittent mysterious electrical problems.

On a thematically related note, my air conditioner went on the fritz yesterday. It got up to 85 degrees inside. The repair guy they sent out was totally awesome. I now know more about managing airflow than I ever thought possible.

Today's a big day for the Semi-Secret MMO project. Brian and I generally work at my place for 4 days a week, with Bruce only coming in on Wednesdays (like today). But today we're also gona be joined by the Jason who wrote the engine and the other Jason who's doing the music. I have no idea where I'm gonna put 'em if they all show up at the same time. But it'll be a hoot.

-Jeff Dee


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